Cook Up Some Fun While Avoiding Needing Microwave Repair

It’s the final stretch of winter, giving you just enough time to have some fun with your over-the-range microwave while staying warm. This March, wait out the last of the cold weather by doing some kitchen appliance maintenance to make sure your microwave oven is working properly, and try a delicious, easy cake recipe that’s sure to become a favourite. 

Your Guide to Microwave Maintenance

Before you get started on the “baking,” take a few minutes to reduce the chances of needing microwave repair this spring. A microwave can last for about 10 years and maybe even longer if it’s well cared for. Maintaining your over-the-range microwave isn’t difficult, especially if you do it regularly. 

It’s important to keep your over-the-range microwave clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing corrosion, as well as experiencing bad odours. Make sure both the outside and the inside are sparkling to help your microwave run as efficiently as possible.

Make sure you use containers you are positive can go in the microwave; be mindful of “microwave safe” labels. And, remember to never place metal in the microwave as it will cause damage and leave you calling us for microwave oven repair.

Many people find themselves needing microwave oven repair due to damage caused by the way they’ve been shutting the door. Microwave latches are quite complex and some have as many as three switching mechanisms that must close in a specific order. Slamming the door shut may cause damage to these switches. And, suddenly opening the door while your microwave is running can lead to blowing a safety fuse.

One final maintenance note before we get to the fun stuff: never run your microwave empty. Running an empty microwave may lead to serious damage. This is because the energy produced by the microwave will be absorbed by the microwave’s components, which aren’t built to handle that. Run your microwave empty, and there’s a really good chance you’ll be calling to ask us about our microwave repair service!

Easy Microwave Mug Cake

Now that you know you aren’t going to need microwave oven repair, it’s time to use this oh-so-convenient appliance to make a tasty chocolate cake for one. This recipe will have you eating cake within minutes as you wait for spring to arrive. Enjoy!

¼ c flour

2 T cocoa powder

¼ t baking powder

2 T sugar

Dash of salt

¼ c + 1 T milk

2 T oil

Whisk dry ingredients until combined. Add milk and oil and whisk until there are no lumps. Pour into a mug, making sure there is space for the cake to rise. Set mug on paper towel in microwave and cook for one minute and 10 seconds on the high setting. Note that microwaves vary in temperature so your mug cake may cook more quickly or slowly depending on your over-the-range microwave

Providing Microwave Repair in Edmonton

If anything ever happens to your over-the-range microwave, Alberta Appliance Service provides a full suite of repair services. Our team of experienced technicians has been engaged in home appliances repair and service for a combined total of 100 years. Our technicians have been trained by manufacturers, so they understand what can go wrong and how to cost-effectively help you. Contact us today!